Hogwarts Legacy: Should I tell Natty the Truth?

You’re going to have a lot of interactions with NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy. Some of these interactions will be mundane, while others will reveal major plot points. Throughout the game, you’ll be pressed in these conversations to reveal more information about your background than you might like. This is certainly the case the first time you speak with Natsai “Natty” Onai. When she asks about what happened with the dragon attack, should you lie? Or should you tell the truth? Learn more with our Hogwarts Legacy Should I Tell Natty the Truth Guide.

Should I Tell Natty the Truth in Hogwarts Legacy

hogwarts legacy should I tell natty the truth

Early in the game, Natty will ask you to meet her in a small hamlet just south of Hogwarts. When you do, she will mention that she was in Hogsmeade and witnessed the showdown with Rookwood in the 3 Broomsticks. She’ll press you for details regarding why Ranrok, Rookwood, and others are after you.

It is important to note that neither answer impacts your game. If you choose to tell her the truth, she is sympathetic but doesn’t push further. If you explain you don’t really know what’s behind all of this, she says she understands and lets it go. In either case, you are able to move forward in the story without issue.

There are quite a few of these conversations where your answers won’t really matter. For example, you’ll find yourself in the same situation when deciding if you should lie to Sebastian. Whether or not that bothers you is entirely up to you!

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