Hogwarts Legacy Dueling | How to Unlock

There are plenty of extracurricular activities in Hogwarts Legacy, one of which is the dueling club. This is a fun bit of two-on-two magic battling, but it is not immediately available to you. Want to unlock this dueling club? Dive into our Hogwarts Legacy Dueling Club guide to Learn more.

How to Unlock the Dueling Club in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts legacy dueling

You can gain access to the dueling club as soon as you complete your first Defense Against the Dark Arts class. The key to unlocking access to the club at this point is locating Sebastian Sallow. You can find Sebastion in the classroom where Defense Against the Dark Arts is taught. This will begin the quest Crossed Wands: Round 1.

Crossed Wands Quest

The Crossed Wands: Round 1 quest is not part of the main storyline. You can pursue it at your leisure or jump into it right away. To get started, head to the South Wing of Hogwarts. You are looking for a student named Lucan Brattleby, and you can find him at the Clock Tower Courtyard. Once you speak to Lucan, he will invite you to join the dueling club.

The dueling club is a little different from what you might remember from the movies. Unlike those duels, you’ll have a partner in Hogwarts Legacy. these duels are always two-on-two, with the first side that eliminates their opponents declared the victor.

This is essentially a free fight, as you are not required to use up any consumables. The damage dealt in these duels is not permanent, meaning there is no need to try and hold back.

Should I Duel With a Partner?

Each time you duel, you’ll be given the option to duel solo or with a partner. You should always select a partner to duel with. This is because you will battle the same number of opponents either way. In the final duel, you face a team of four duelists. Having a partner on your side is valuable, even though you can count on doing most of the heavy lifting in the fight.

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