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baldurs gate 3 best weapons

Baldur’s Gate 3 is based on Dungeons & Dragons 5e, and thus there is a pretty certain selection of fantastic weapons. From clubs to knives, from greatswords to longbows, you’ve got a ton of options to select from. If that wasn’t enough, you’ve also got a pile of really cool enchantments! So, as you explore the world of Baldur’s Gate, you might be swapping weapons a lot. Not only is that fine, but we recommend that you only hold on to a weapon for as long as it deals good damage! If you’re looking for a specific weapon that will carry you to the end of the Early Access, check out this Baldurs Gate 3 Best Weapons guide!

The Best Weapons of Baldur’s Gate 3

While we are going to list the weapons you should be looking for, there’s a bit of time before you can get there. If you’re confused or concerned about what weapons you should have on you, you might just want to grab whatever deals the most damage for your playstyle! For example, a dagger is a pretty bad weapon, but if you only have Simple Weapon proficiency, it’s the best Finesse Dual Wielding weapon!

The below list makes a few assumptions, specifically that you’re looking for a high-damage or high-utility option. This is not a complete list of enchanted weapons in the game; just the weapons we find most impactful to gameplay.


If you’re a Cleric, Rogue, or Warlock, Simple Weapons are your best option for consistent damage dealing. Clerics and Warlocks might want to consider learning a damaging cantrip, since that could deal more. However, these weapons are still fantastic choices for a melee or ranged character who only has Simple weapon proficiency.

  • Shattered Flail (1d6+2 Bludgeoning): This mace deals a ton of damage, but comes with a curse. When you hit someone, you heal for 1d6 hit points, but become battle-lusted. You must attempt to deal damage every turn or you’ll go mad. This means that after combat, your party is going to have to run away from you! Play safe with this fantastic weapon. You can find it on the Risen Road, dropped by Flind.
  • Xyanyde (1d6 Bludgeoning): If the Shattered Flail is too scary for you (quite reasonably!), Xyanyde is much more realistic. This mace doesn’t do much damage, but has a chance to cast Fairie Fire for free, giving advantage to attack rolls against the target. This is a fantastic support weapon, since it actually has ridiculous utility! If you’re looking for it, it’s dropped in Shattered Sanctum by Minthara.
  • Nature’s Snare (1d6 Bludgeoning): This quarterstaff isn’t too powerful looking, but it’s special ability Fly Trap is rather strong. Fly Trap has a chance to ensnare it’s target on-hit, a really powerful debuff that you can get just by making an attack! Not bad at all, if you’re looking for a weapon to Trip with.
  • Light Crossbow +1 (1d8+1 Piercing): There’s no fun bows or crossbows currently available in the game (at least that we could find!). If you’re looking for the best option, Light Crossbow is better for weapon users without Extra Attack, Shortbow is better if you have extra attack. So, right now, since we’re locked at level 4… Use the crossbow. These weapons have great range and deal a comfortable amount of damage. Not much else to say there!
  • Sussur Dagger (1d4+1 Piercing): As a reward for the Blighted Village quest “Finish the Masterwork Weapon,” the Sussur dagger is the best dagger in the game. You get the enchantment bonus to damage, and it’s a good quest weapon that inflicts Silence on hit! That’s pretty rare!


Martial weapons are used primarily by Fighters and Rangers. If you’re not one of these two, you’ll need Weapon Adept, or some racial way to get extra weapon proficiencies. Unlike Simple Weapons (other than bows/light crossbows), these weapons tend to have additional utility, such as the Heavy Two-Handed Weapon’s Cleave ability. Please make use of whatever Martial Proficiencies you have access to! These not only deal extra damage, but tend to have slightly better actions available to them.

  • Sword of Justice (2d6+1 Slashing): This massive greatsword has Tyr’s Protection, a fantastic buff for you that you can apply just by wielding the sword. You can only get it once per day, but afterwards you still have a two-handed beast of a weapon that can Cleave. This is a great option for any two-weapon fighter, and is given by Anders on the Risen Road… or dropped by him, if you take a more violent path.
  • Faithbreaker (1d8/1d10+1 Bludgeoning): This warhammer has the rare ability to actively change your basic weapon attack into the ability Absolute Power. This is a great upgrade for any Dwarf or one-handed weapon user, because Absolute Power is… strong, to say the least! Just make sure you don’t get caught up by any bugs plaguing the weapon, and you’ll find that Dror Ragzlin’s weapon (in the Shattered Sanctum) is more than just useful.
  • Sorrow (1d10+1 Slashing): This long spear gives you fantastic reach. Not only that, you can swing for Ensnaring Strike, which locks down enemies in a very difficult-to-escape trap. They’ll need to spend actions to move! Unfortunately, this does come at a cost; Sorrow hits you for 1 mental damage whenever you hit with it. That’ll add up over time! Be careful!
  • Shortsword of First Blood (1d6 Piercing): Looking for a finesse weapon? Use this as a primary option to deal 1d6+1d8 to an undamaged target. That’s a really good way to start an encounter! This is found at the Decrepit village, on the body of a deep gnome.
  • Selune’s Spear of Night (1d8 piercing): The best spear in the game, this legendary weapon has a lot to like about it. You get a +3 bonus, which is only the beginning. You also gain Darkvision plus avantage in Wisdom saving throws and Perception checks. 
  • Heavy Crossbow +1 (1d10+1 Piercing): Once again, this weapon type does not have any specific weapon in this early access, sadly. So, we’re stuck with just a +1 enchantment bonus on either Heavy Crossbows or Longbows, and once again, we don’t have Extra Attack quite yet. Use this weapon for now, and use Longbows once we get Level 5. Hopefully, by then, we’ll also get more fun weapons.

Wrapping Up Our Baldurs Gate 3 Best Weapons Guide

Baldur’s Gate 3 is still in early access, but melee builds have a ton of fun weapons to try out! Ranged users aren’t so lucky quite yet, but who knows? Maybe we’ll find some new named weapons in the future to make things more fun! If you’ve found something we haven’t, please comment and we’ll be sure to add it to our list!

For now, though, these are the weapons you should look for, depending on your build!

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