Hogwarts Legacy: Can You Go in Other Common Rooms?

There is no doubt that Hogwarts Legacy is a beautiful game. The setting is a perfect match to the movies, and the details are incredible. Some of the most interesting areas in Hogwarts are the common rooms of each house. But can you access those common rooms? Get the answer with our Hogwarts Legacy Can You Go in Other Rooms Guide.

You Can Only Enter Your Own Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Can You Go in Other Common Rooms

Unfortunately, you do not have the option to enter the other common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy. Once you select your house during the sorting ceremony, you are locked into the house (and common room) of your choice.

Once you select your house, you are forever locked out of the other three house common rooms. Those rooms are still present in Hogwarts, but there is no option to access them. The magical door that appears to you when you attempt to enter your own house common room simply is not present for the other three common rooms.

This is a shame, given how beautiful and detailed each of these common rooms are. While there are some interesting details and dialogue that are unique to each common room, you aren’t really missing out on anything important by being locked out of the other three rooms.

That’s it for our guide. Are you digging your chosen common room? Let us know in the comment section below.

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