Hogwarts Legacy: Should I Help Ackley Barnes?

One of the many shady characters you encounter in Hogwarts Legacy is Ackley Barnes. You’ll find him standing behind the Three Broomsticks, muttering to himself about revenge. If you approach him, he asks for help with robbing his former partner. This is a side quest that you are free to skip, but is helping him a good idea? We get into it in our Hogwarts Legacy Should I Help Ackley Barnes Guide.

Is It Worth Help Ackley Barnes in Hogwarts Legacy?

hogwarts legacy should I help ackley barnes

The truth is that the rewards for this side quest are limited. When you approach Ackley, you offer your help immediately. He asks you to steal something called Venomous Tentacular without any offer of payment or compensation. In fact, unless you ask for payment at the end of the quest, you’ll walk away with nothing.

You do have the option to ask for compensation in exchange for the Venomous tentacular. If you ask, Ackley will pay a small amount of Galleons as a reward. Whether or not this quest is worth it largely depends on how badly you want to complete every side quest.

Ways to Help Ackley

Helping Ackley involves completing the quest Venomous Revenge. While Ackley suggests that you break into Alfred Lawley’s cellar to steal the tentacular, that’s only one way to help him. As long as you give Ackley a Venomous Tentacular, the quest will complete.

Stealing From Alfred Lawley

Stealing from Alfred Lawley’s cellar is the obvious approach to this side quest. The cellar is not far from the Three Broomsticks, and you can find the Venomous Tentacular without trouble as long as you make use of the disillusionment spell. Staying invisible and out of sight is important, as you automatically fail the quest if Lawley discovers you.

Buying a Venomous Tentacular

There is a shortcut for the Venomous Revenge quest that allows you to help Ackley without robbing anyone. You can simply buy a Venomous Tentacular at Dogwee and Deathcap, a herbology store located on the outskirts of Hogsmeade. Buy a Tentacular and return it to Ackley, and he’ll be none the wiser.

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  1. Buying a Venomous Tentacular from Dogweed and Deathcap will not work towards completing this quest. You will need to steal it from Alfred Lawley.

  2. I had one in inventory. asked to be paid – received 500 and a red dragonhide herbologist glove (appearance only)

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