Hogwarts Legacy Witch or Wizard | What to Choose

Hogwarts Legacy is a deep fantasy RPG set in 19th century Hogwarts. In the early stage of character creation, you will have the chance to choose between being a witch or a wizard. Does this choice make any real difference in the game? Find out with our Hogwarts Legacy Witch or Wizard Guide.

Does it Matter if I Choose Witch or Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy?

hogwarts legacy witch or wizard

According to our playtests, the choice between playing a witch or wizard has no bearing on your character whatsoever. There is no dialogue that distinguishes between the two. Instead, most characters speaking about you in the third person refer to you as the new student or the new fifth-year. Voice acting also tends to be gender neutral, referring to you as they when speaking about you to someone else.

You will also have access to all of the customization options for your character no matter which title you choose. Hogwarts Legacy is full of customizable options for body types, facial hair, hairstyles, and skin tone. You will have the option to customize every aspect of your character whether you choose a witch or a wizard.

And that wraps up our guide. The decision you make might not matter, but it is final. Once you choose between a witch and a wizard, there is no going back.

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