Hogwarts Legacy Pensieve Guardian | How to Beat

While exploration and crafting is fun, one of the real thrills of Hogwarts Legacy are those boss fights that keep you on the edge of your seat. The battle with the Pensieve Guardian is one of those fights! Not sure how to defeat it? We’ll lay out the best strategy for you in our Hogwarts LEgacy Pensieve Guardian Guide.

How to Beat the Pensieve Guardian in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Pensieve Guardian

Now that you’ve gotten a big chunk of Hogwarts Legacy under your belt, you’re probably familiar with the smaller versions of Pensieve Defenders. Fighting the much bigger version of these living statues – the Pensieve Guardian – should be a similar fight, right? Not so much.

In this fight, focus on defense. The guardian’s main attack is a large orb it shoots from its chest. Your top priority should be to watch for that attack and be ready to dodge. As long as you get out of the way of the orb attack, you should have time to wear him down. As the fight goes on he’ll use other attacks, including an AoE blast when you get close and a projectile attack that loads much faster than the orb.

Finally, remember that this thing deals a lot of damage. Have your Wiggenwald potions at the ready and try to save them for this fight. If you go into it without healing capabilities, you could be in for a rough battle.

Losing this fight is annoying, as you can’t just respawn right as the Guardian appears. Instead, you’ll have to fight through the wave of enemies that came before him each time. Given how long this can take, I would definitely suggest going into this fight prepared the first time.

Can I Skip the Pensieve Guardian Fight?

Unfortunately, this fight cannot be skipped if you want to progress through the game. Several important skills are gated behind this fight, which will also drop you into a new chapter of the story. Follow our advice, take this thing down, and reap the rewards after!

That wraps up our Hogwarts Legacy Pensieve Guardian Guide. Did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comment section below.

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