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Theros Races

There is a lot to unpack in the WOTC release Mystic Odysseys of Theros. The sourcebook is full of fun campaign ideas, magical items, and other elements for building a compelling adventure. For players, there are also several new options including five new Theros races.

Guide to Theros Races in 5E

In total, there are five new playable races specific to the Theros campaign setting. The book also briefly discusses humans, the most populous race. However, it involves little more than explaining the human naming conventions in Theros. Below, we take you through our thoughts on each of the new races.


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The Centaur is in a pretty nice place in this release. Ability increases of +2 strength and +1 wisdom aren’t bad if you are planning a strength-based melee character.

There other racial traits are strong and fit nicely together. Your base speed is 40 feet, which is fantastic. You can also carry medium-sized creatures and below. You have hooves as natural melee weapons which are weak on their own. That said, you can also make a bonus attack with them after a melee attack where you charge at least 30 feet in a straight line. This is pretty situational, but better than the other natural melee weapon options in the Theros races.

Like Satyrs, Centaurs are fey. We will likely need to some clarification of what that means for spells that banish Fey to their home planes. While not the strongest option, the Centaur has potential to be fun.


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Essentially Lionfolk, the Leonin are a powerful bunch of mostly good brutes. They make for great frontline characters thanks to their +2 to constitution and +1 to strength.

The racial traits are also fun. You get a boost to foot speed and can see in dim light. You have a claw attack, although it’s not really worth using. Hunter’s instincts let you choose a free proficiency, which is great. And Daunting Roar lets you attempt to frighten all creatures within 10 feet. It’s a smaller range compared to the Oath of Conquest‘s Conquering Presence and doesn’t last as long, but you can do it as a bonus action once per short rest. Lots of good options here.


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It will likely come as no surprise that the Minotaur is a strong frontline fighter. You get a +2 to Strength and +1 to Constitution, which fits together nicely.

You get an attack with your horns, which has the most damage of any of the natural weapons discussed in this post. The Minotaur’s other racial traits also complement a melee build. Goring rush is great for fighters, as it gives you a bonus attack with your horns after you dash. Hammer Horns lets you push an enemy 10 feet away after a melee attack.

The minotaur is pretty straightforward, and it doesn’t really stand out other than as a brawler. If that’s what you’re looking for, this is a good option.

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The Satyr race is the clear winner among the five. In fact, there has been a fair amount of discussion online over whether or not it is too powerful. As I mentioned in the complete review, I think these fears are overblown. However, the race is fantastic and fits several interesting archetypes.

Satyrs get a +2 to charisma and +1 to dexterity. They also get two free skill proficiencies, making them an excellent option for a bard.

There are two issues that have raised questions with the Satyr. The first is that they have inherent resistance to magic. While powerful, I don’t see this is unbalanced. Second, Satyrs are fey instead of humanoid. It remains to be seen how big a deal this is.

For example, being a Fey in the Forgotten Realms opens you up to some dangerous spell effects. You can be banished to your home plane and bound there with a single spell. However, it’s unclear how that would work in this setting as it seems Satyr are creatures of the normal plane in Theros, not the Feywild. We’ll look for clarification on this. All told, this is a great race.


The Triton are the only sea-based race in this release. They can breathe air and water, and have a walking and swimming speed of 30 feet. If you plan an aquatic-based campaign, this is a strong option.

Their ability score increases are kind of a mixed bag, with a +1 to strength, constitution, and charisma. Outside of a paladin, you are likely to waste one of these bonuses.

The other traits for the Triton more than make up for it. While great for a sea-based campaign, the Control Air and Water trait is good anywhere. It lets you cast fog cloud once per long rest, and includes gust of wind and wall of water at higher levels.

Couple this with darkvision, the ability to speak to underwater creatures, and resistance to cold damage, and you are looking at a strong options as far as Theros races go.

Wrapping Up our Mystic Oddyses of Theros Races Guide

All in all, there is not a bad race in the bunch. The minotaur is a little bland and the Triton has some situational traits, but you can make any of these work in the right campaign. Do you agree with our assessment of the Theros races? Let us know in the comments either way!




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