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The Mythic Odysseys of Theros just looked at Catfolk and said “alright… But what if they were bigger?” These big cats are known as the Leonin, and are the fiercest beasties on the planes. Do you feel like being a walking, talking, isolationist lion? I thought you might. Let’s see what they have in the Leonin 5E guide.

Leonin 5E Guide

The Leonin’s powerful builds make them seem intimidating… And they are. Below are their traits, and then what makes them tick.


The Leonin are fierce fighters, exemplified in their stats.

Ability Score Increase. +2 Constitution, +1 Strength

Age. Human-ish.

Alignment. Tend to be good/lawful good.

Size. You’re a big kitty; 6-7 feet tall.

Speed. 35 feet.

Darkvision. 60 ft of greyscale.

Claws. 1d4 + Strength slashing damage unarmed strikes.

Hunter’s Instincts.  You have proficiency in one of the following skills of your choice: Athletics, Intimidation, Perception, or Survival. 

Daunting Roar. A fun but situational effect, Daunting Roar lets you give a menacing roar that frightens creatures of your choice within 10 feet of you if they fail a wisdom save. This effect lasts until the end of your next turn, and you can only do it once per short or long rest. This fear effect isn’t as strong as Conquering Presence that is tied to the Oath of Conquest, but it’s pretty handy given that it is a bonus action.

Languages. Common and Leonin.

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The Leonin are confident in themselves. They’ve hunted alone for milenia, and should not be looking for help anytime soon. This causes them to have an imperious attitude towards things – you’ve dealt with things alone for your whole life. And you usually deal with them aggressively; fighting with words, fists, or swords took up most of your childhood, and your pridemates trained with you daily.

You know the traitorous beings outside of your Pride… But you’ve decided to adventure. These people who surround you are your new pride.

Leonin and the Gods

Your isolationist personality extends to the point where you even shun the Gods; your people tell stories of how they used to worship the same Gods as everyone else… But one day, you were betrayed. Now, you likely have a less positive attitude towards them compared to your allies.

1I’m amused by the antics of the gods and their earnest, but ultimately deluded, mortal champions, and I feel smugly superior in my detachment. 
2The meddling of the gods in mortal affairs makes me angry and bitter. I wish they would just leave us all alone! 
3I view the gods as worthy adversaries-incredibly clever and well-prepared to play a long game but ultimately doomed to lose their games. 
4I’m certain every bad thing that happens can ultimately be blamed on the gods, but I roll my eyes at each new twist of fate and try to get on with my life.
5I wish that I could be as naive as humans and other mortals who actually think the gods are looking out for them. I miss that kind of innocence. 
6I don’t talk about it among other leonin, but I actually revere the gods and try to please them by my actions. 

Homeland in Theros

You come from the shining lands of Oreskos, a shining, glorious plain untouched by most. This land is full of prime game, flocks of birds, and everything a Leonin could ever ask for. You live amongst a matriarchal society, where relationships determine status. Your people accept the fey beasts that live nearby much more readily than unpredictable humans, nor those strange tritons.

There are two many prides to count, though you tend to be somewhat nomadic. You follow the words of elders, especially the Speaker – an elected representative. The Ironmanes, a tribe on the mountains, are the sole collection of prides that do not fall under the rule of the Speaker.

Occasionally, the Leonin gather in Tethmos, where the eldermost of the tribes gather to spread knowledge. It is the sole city of importance, and the Leonin guard it fiercely… Unless an outsider earns their trust.

Leonin Names

Leonin identify themselves with their name and pride. Names tend to be abstract but snappy, while prides tend to be the traditional, two-words-put-together names – similar to Dwarves, but more catlike.

Female Names: Aletha, Atagone, Demne, Doxia, Ecate, Eriz, Gragonde, ladma, Koila, Oramne, Seza, Ziore 

Male Names: Apto, Athoz, Baragon, Bryguz, Eremoz, Gorioz, Grexes, Oriz, Pyxathor, Teoz, Xemnon, Xior 

Pride Names: Embereye, Flintclaw, Goldenfield, Ironmane, Starfeller, Sunguides 

Suggested Classes

Your stats scream at you to go into melee. Your racial traits can’t help but agree.


+2 Constitution is just too much to relent on! While Barbarians don’t get too much off of Constitution, you might as well be the beefiest thing in the party, right? +1 Strength will help you out there. Claws won’t be too useful, but they give you some extra damage in a non-weapon fight. The cherry on top is Daunting Roar, an area of effect frighten which makes you a valuable frontliner.


When it comes to confident creatures with a passion for combat, Fighter just seems too obvious. Your stats work well for a frontliner, and you can still invest in Intelligence if you want Eldritch Knight. Battlemaster seems like the perfect flavor for the Leonin, though!


With the release of the Glory Paladin, you might wanna crack out two new things simultaneously. The Glory Paladin really wants to be on the frontline, and benefits from movement speed to a ridiculous degree. You’ll be a potent bodyguard, and Paladins can really get some bonuses from an area of effect control ability.

Concluding our Leonin 5E Guide

The Leonin are a proud, dedicated warrior race that doesn’t do too much. With a +2 to Constitution and faster movement speed to boot, you’ve got yourself a frontliner with the option to expand into a few ranged builds. This is far from a bad race, but compared to the Satyr, it’s not overly flashy. Although, maybe that’s for the best…

If you’re wanting something with high health and great melee capabilities, the Leonin will bring you to victory. Want to see your other options? Check out or rundown of all the Theros races!


  1. Is Hunter’s Instincts correct here? Looks like Daunting Roar.
    Great write up! I’d love to see your take on the Leonin as a pugilist too!

    • Thanks! Something happened when we uploaded this but I think its sorted out now. I’ve seen the pugilist on DMsguild but I’m honestly not familiar with it.

  2. Is their such thing as a Half Leonin? I’m curious to know what if their is a half breed what abilities will they possess and appearance would they take being merely half Leonin.

    • There is nothing like that in the sourcebook. There are also no official subraces, either. The book doesn’t discuss any sort of half-races at all, but you could certainly homebrew one.

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