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Satyr 5e

Out of all the races released in Mystic Odysseys of Theros, the Satyr has arguably drawn the most interest. It is not hard to see why, as this race is quite powerful on a number of levels. To learn more about these hooved, fun-loving creatures, dive into our Satyr 5E Guide.

Satyr 5E Guide

Below, we take a lot at the traits that make this race work in-game. Our guide goes well beyond mechanics, however, by highlighting their personalities and more.


Each Satyr gets the following traits.

Ability Score Increase. +2 to Charisma, +1 to Dexterity.

Age. Satyrs age the same as humans.

Alignment. Typically chaotic good, but can be any alignment.

Size. Satyrs are slender humanoids, sized Medium.

Speed. Base walking speed is 35 feet.

Fey. Unlike most races, you are fey as opposed to humanoid. This can have a huge impact when you are the target of certain spells and effects.

Ram. You can make an unarmed ramming attack which deals 1d4 + your strength modifier.

Magic Resistance. You have advantage on all saving throws against spells and magical effects.

Mirthful Leaps. Roll a D8 when making a long or high jump and add that number as feet that you cover. This costs normal movement.

Reveler. This gives you proficiency in Performance and Persuasion skills, plus proficiency in a musical instrument.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Sylvan and Common.

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Satyrs embrace life, seeking fun and adventure in a world where many are plagued with seriousness. They live free of strict rulesets, eschewing lawful order for freedom.

Satyrs are known for their revels, which is the celebration of the small things in life. Most humans associate these revels with wild debauchery, but the truth is more complicated. For a Satyr, a revel involves approaching the simple pleasure of life and being present in the moment. They are driven by intuition, following unpredictable paths.


There are many eccentric races in the 5th Edition of D&D, but Satyrs arguably take the cake. Each of them has their own way of going about the world, but rest assured these pranksters tend to stand out. If you need inspiration for your Satyr’s eccentric nature, see the table below.

1Flowers are the most amazing things ever. I want to pick them, wear them, and discover their silent secrets.
2There isn’t a tree or statue that isn’t fun to climb.
3Nothing wards off bad luck like a jolly dance.
4Sometimes talking to a plant really helps.
5If stumped, I smoke a pipe. And if I’m going to smoke a pipe, it’s going to be a splendid pipe.
6I imagine that my clothes are my glorious soul on display for all the world to behold, and I dress accordingly.
7Having horns is the best. They are fun to decorate, and they can pop open an amphora, no problem.
8If I have something really important to say, I always make sure to sing it.

Satyr Names

Each Satyr is given a whimsical name based on their personality. Both males and females have their own common names, but many Satyrs go by a nickname.

Female Names: Aliki, Avra, Chara, Dafni, Eirini, Elpida, Irini, Kaiti, Lia, Niki, Tasia, Xeni, Yanna, Zoi

Male Names: Alekos, Dimi, Filippos, Ilias, Kyriakos, Neofytos, Omiros, Pantelis, Spyro, Takis, Zenon

Nicknames: Bounder, Bristlechin, Clip-Clop, Dappleback, Hopper, Nobblehorn, Orangebeard, Quickfoot, Scrufflebutt, Sunbeam, Skiphoof, Twinkle-Eyes

Homeland in Theros

In Theros, Satyrs call Skola Vale home. This Vale is full of tree and lush greenery, blessed by the Goddess Nylea. The forests are bountiful, allowing the Satyrs to roam freely without the need for permanent settlements.

In Satyr culture, there are few distinctions between members of the race. That said, there are three notable groups some Satyrs fall into in Theros.

  • Dawngreets. Emissaries that travel outside of the Vale to spread the word of Nylea and host revels.
  • Nylea’s favored. A circle of Satyr druids tasked with protecting the greenery of the Vale.
  • Sibyls. Visionaries with the ability to see the future, Sibyls are the closest thing Satyr culture has to leaders.

Suggested Classes

Thanks to the ability spread, it is not hard to optimize a Satyr character. Here are a few class options we like for them.


This is the obvious choice. Satyr Bards are great flavor, but they also make a lot of sense in the mechanics of 5E. Bards are heavily reliant on Charisma, and they make for a great party face. Satyrs fit into this mold nicely with a +2 Charisma bonus and two additional proficiencies thanks to Reveler.


I love the idea of a Warlock Satyr. Warlocks use charisma as casters (or for hexblade builds), making a Satyr an obvious choice. Their resistance to magic also has the potential to be beneficial to this class.


If you are hoping to focus on just casting, sorcerer is another strong option for a Satyr. The +2 bonus to Charisma is excellent, and the proficiency bonuses are something you might not otherwise pick up.

Concluding our Satyr 5E Guide

There is a consensus that the Satyr is the strongest Theros races released in Mythic Odysseys of Theros. I would agree there is a lot to like, although I’m not sure some of the Reddit-based panic over balance issues is warranted.

Yes, magical resistance is great. Yes, the ability increases are very complimentary. Sure, free skill proficiencies and a decent buff to foot speed and jumping is nice. But there are drawbacks as well. Some spells impact Fey in extreme ways, and magic resistance is not always as useful as you might think. All told, I think this is a fun class that fits well with the high-level adventure feel of Theros.


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