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The Centaur has always been the most awkward Dungeons & Dragons race to become playable. But the Mythic Odysseys of Theros was more than willing to tackle that challenge. If you’re interested in these quadrupedal amalgamations between horse and men, then read through our Centaur 5E Guide.

Centaur 5E Guide

We start by checking out the traits of these martial-oriented creatures. Then, we’ll move on towards the flavor and personality that you get when you choose to be one.


We’re looking at the following stat spread here;

Ability Score Increase. +2 Strength, +1 Wisdom

Age. Human-ish.

Alignment. Neutral. Lagonna centaurs are lawfully inclined, while Pheres Centaurs are chaotic.

Size. You’re medium, but you’re huge; between 6 and 7 feet. Your equine bodies are about 4 feet tall. Spheres centaurs are a bit bigger than Lagonna

Speed. 40 feet.

Fey. You’re a fey, rather than humanoid. This can be a blessing and a curse.

Charge. If you move 30 feet straight towards someone and then land a melee hit, you can attack with your Hooves as a bonus action.

Hooves. Natural melee weapons. They deal 1d4 + strength bludgeoning damage.

Equine Build. You’re one size category larger for pushing or picking stuff up. However, climbing is awful. You expend 4 feet instead of 1 for each foot of movement during a climb.

Survivor. You gain proficiency in one thing from this list. Animal Handling, Medicine, Nature, or Survival.

Languages. Common and Sylvan

Homeland in Theros

Therosian centaurs are split into two major groups, as noted above. These centaurs roam the hills and grasslands between the three poleis.

  • Lagonna. Living at the northern edge of Meletian territory, Lagonna centaurs trade with Meletis and Setessa. They trade woodwork and woven blankets to the human poleis for weapons and armor. Though they occasionally set up a shop in Meletis, the city is far too small for the large creatures to feel at ease. They are welcome in both the Nessian Wood and Setessa, though they must be wary of their brother band, the Pheres.
  • Pheres. Pheres centaurs live between the mountains of Akros and the Nessian Wood. They group into bands of fierce raiders to attack those who wander between Akros and Setessa.



All centaurs are powerful, and curious. As a Lagonna centaur, you are likely on your protoporos, where your journey to adulthood sends you on a quest worldwide. As a Centaur, you’re searching for your place in the world before your homeland calls you back… And what expectations are looking down on you! The band waits for you to return and become a member of a guri – a merchant family. Or perhaps you might be among the legendary koletra – ones who may have the blood of ancient centaur heroes.

Or maybe you’re a Pheres centaur, eh? Well, those are different. You’re leaving your home as a Renegade; perhaps you were a pacifist, tired of your people’s warmongering ways. Maybe the wild lands between Setessa and Akros no longer call to you.

In either case, as a centaur adventurer, you’re a curious soul with a noble, family-tied past that you step out of for one reason or another.

Centaur Names

Centaur names are based on your tribe. As travelers, Lagonna Centaurs might borrow from other cultures, typically settling around 3-4 syllables. Pheres centaurs have sharper names, usually with a title from battle.

Lagonna Female: Honotia, Kelitia, Lileo, Meloe

Lagonna Male: Aughus, Dririos, Ormasos, Volien

Pheres Female: Bido, Daxa, Saya, Tesia

Pheres Male: Eno, Roth, Skelor, Stihl

Honorific: Threekills, Razorhoof, Unsleeping, Daggereye, Silentstep

Suggested Classes

The Centaur has a neat group of features for you to work with. Because of Charge and the massive strength bonus, you’ll be a welcome melee combatant.


Building on your high Wisdom, a melee Cleric may be correct for you. Consider finding a Cleric Domain with Heavy Armor, such as the Forge Cleric, so you can focus on Strength, Wisdom, and Constitution. Your high movement speed will allow you to get from the front to the backlines in order to deliver spells. In addition, your bonus action tends to be unimpeded, allowing you to use Charge to deal solid damage to your enemies.

These reasons are also why a Druid would be useful… But the Strength isn’t very helpful if you plan on using Wild Shape.


Ranger horse, ranger horse… 

As a Fey, the idea of protecting nature should come quite readily for you. Your +2 Strength might make more sense on a class focused more on weapon offense than spellcasting, though your Wisdom will be helpful there, too! Hunter’s Mark also combos quite well with your Charge ability, giving you an extra smack… If you’re going for Dueling or something like that.

Concluding our Centaur 5E Guide

The Centaur may not be the most versatile creature on Theros, but it is quite potent. The extra movement speed and bonus action alone is worth looking into. Add onto that the fantastic ability boosts, some free proficiencies, and a buffed unarmed strike, and you’re looking at something special here. Fey can be seen as an upside – coming from someone who loathes Hold Person – but there are plenty of anti-Fey spells, too.

This is a fantastic addition to any high-level adventure, even outside of the mystical land of Theros. Just be sure to ask your GM before diving into this Theros race!

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