Baldur’s Gate 3 Camp | Where is It, How Do You Use It?

baldurs gate 3 camp

One of the most important parts of Dungeons & Dragons 5E is resting. Resting is how you replenish spell slots and get some healing done without spending those slots. If you’ve ever played 5E, you know how crucial resting at the correct time is. So, Baldur’s Gate 3 also requires some smart thinking when it comes to resting, and you can only rest at one place; the Camp. If you want to replenish spell slots (for you non-Warlocks) or shake off fatigue, the Baldurs Gate 3 Camp is the place to do it!

The Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3

To access the camp, simply go to your minimap. Next to it are 5 buttons, one of which is a campfire. This button makes a camp and changes your screen; you’ll be in a camp. Going to a camp is a Long Rest, which heals your party to full and resets certain abilities, like Spell Slots. Of course, this isn’t all that a camp does…

Camp Actions

In the camp, you’ll be able to switch out party members. So, as you recruit members to your party, you’ll get more party members than you have slots. Here is where you can go to swap party members for each other, if you’re wanting to create specific builds. Thankfully, your party doesn’t need to be with you in order to level up, so you can change your party whenever you want.

You can also talk to your party members. This is how you advance approval, romance them, or acquire quests/information from them. So, if you’re looking for a way to get Asterion on your side, this is where you do it! When you talk to Gale, get ready to be asked for some gifted artifacts.

Camp Events

In addition, certain quests are advanced by coming to camps. For example, Scratch, the dog that you find outside of the Blighted Village, will come to your camp. With a simple pet, your party will love you! And why wouldn’t you want to pet such a good boy?

There are a ton of other quests that affect your camp grounds, and some quests will force a camp. The Goblin quest “Save the refugees” will create a camp for you all, no matter who you side with. If you side with the good side, there’s a party in which you can invite a companion to, which greatly increases approval. If you side with the goblins, you can invite the drow cleric Minthara to celebrate. 

So, you can get some pretty special camps! Try and get some side quests done, so you can see the legitimately cool interactions that the game has with you during camp scenes.

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Baldurs Gate 3 Camp – Wrapping Up

That wraps up our Baldurs Gate 3 Camp Guide. The camp is primarily for long rests, but you will get a surprising amount of storyline content out of it. Any questions? Hit us up in the comment section below.

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