Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiplayer | When Can You Do It & What Changes

baldurs gate 3 multiplayer

Larian Studios have released Baldur’s Gate 3, which is the long-awaited continuation of the legendary Baldur’s Gate series. These heavily story-based CRPGs are well-known for being single-player adventures, but 3 steps out of the mold; co-op is now a valid option! You can play with up to 3 players to explore the world of the Forgotten Realms together, either from the start or even after you’ve already started! Really cool flexibility, but… it does have some costs!

Baldurs Gate 3 Multiplayer

Baldur’s Gate 3 can either be played with multiplayer in mind, or you can invite players into an already begun game. Either option is incredibly versatile; it’s really easy to start a game, have someone leave it, and continue playing with the same party! Thanks, AI companions!

Starting a New Game

This is probably the best option for players who plan on playing this game for a while. Hit Multiplayer, and join a lobby. You can set up private games with either Invitation Only or Friends Only, then invite friends using steam. Alternatively, you can send the server ID to the people you want to play with, if you really don’t want to friend them.

When a player disconnects, someone else just gets to control them. Character assignments can be changed using the Session Menu, after hitting Escape. 

You save the game normally, and load it just like a singleplayer game. You open the lobby to invites and assign the characters to whoever wants to play; nice and easy!

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Continuing a Game

If you’ve already started a game, and want to play with friends, They’ll be assigned to AI characters, which you can change in the Session menu. Unfortunately, you’ll need to have AI companions before you can invite any of them. And, you can’t talk with them if there’s a player controlling them. So, if you want to play a singleplayer game with friends, make sure you don’t want to talk with them and that there’s enough AI characters for everyone!

What Can a Multiplayer Player Do?

A Multiplayer Player is just like a main character. They can walk, pick up items, start combats, initiate dialogue, etc. When in a dialogue, you can “suggest” that the talker selects specific dialogue options. Right now… there’s not much to this mode, but the game’s in super early access. Things’ll get better!

Speaking of better… Save a ton. This is a buggy game, even for an early access release. And it gets aggravated a lot whenever you use co-op, as is expected.

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Conclusions – Baldurs Gate 3 Multiplayer

This is a really fun game to play in co-op, but be wary of both bugs and eccentricities with starting a singleplayer game and then inviting people. You may want to plan ahead, or just start a game with custom characters to guarantee people are able to join!

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