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rime of the frostmaiden spells

The newest adventure path, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, doesn’t just bring new dungeons for players to explore. Along with loot and goodies, prospecting Wizards can learn some of the magic of the Frostmaiden’s cult. There are three spells from this adventure guide that can be obtained, spells that are, of course, covered in frost and cold. If you’re looking for a reason to take Elemental Adept for Cold damage, then you’ve got three new reasons! Check out these magical frost effects in our Rime of the Frostmaiden Spells overview!

Rime of the Frostmaiden Spells

Minor spoilers ahead!

These are a group of spells unique to the Rime of the Frostmaiden Campaign. Normally, wizards may only learn these three spells by obtaining a Lich’s spellbook from Ythryn, or the Codicil of White from the Frostmaiden Auril’s abode. Otherwise, getting these spells outside of this campaign requires DM permission. 

Thankfully, they aren’t overpowered. If you’re a DM worried that these spells will completely doom you… Don’t worry, they’re not amazing.

Blade of Disaster

Blade of Disaster is a 9th level concentration spell. As a bonus action, you may summon a blade-shaped planar rift in a single space. This blade can be moved up to 30 ft as a bonus action. Whenever this bonus action is taken (including when the blade is summoned), the weapon swings twice, dealing 4d12 force damage on a hit. This attack critically hits on an 18 or higher, dealing triple dice damage (to 12d12).

This is extremely similar to a Cleric’s Spiritual Weapon, one of the best bonus action spells. Compared to spiritual weapon… This isn’t great. Spiritual Weapon does not require concentration, and scales up to 8d8 + Spellcasting Modifier. Technically, this sword does 8d12 (assuming both attacks hit!) and deals a ton of damage on a crit. Not too bad! This is a pretty good use of your only 9th level spell slot, if you want pure damage.

Create Magen

This is a 7th-level transmutation ritual, costing you 500 gp worth of quicksilver and a doll. You’ll also need a 1,500 crystal rod, but that’s not consumed. You stuff the quicksilver into the doll, using your blood and a tap of the wand to create a Magen monster, which obeys you without question. You lose max HP equal to your Magen’s challenge rating… Permanently. 

That’s right, you can only get your hitpoints back with a Wish. That’s a bit of a bummer! Thankfully, you can only lose a maximum of 3 health from this effect. But, that’s 3 hitpoints closer to death; You really need to be careful when using Create Magen. However, the magen also seems permanent. As long as you don’t lose it, it might be worth your while. They’re relatively easy to fix, being constructs, so they become good scouts and trap-checkers. They won’t help much in combat, though! You’ll be level 13 at least when you’re finally able to create these.

Frost Fingers

Finally, you get Frost Fingers. Imagine burning hands, but cold… Pretty cool, right? Well, this is Burning Hands – 1st level, evocation, 15 ft cone – but it does 2d8 cold instead of 3d6 fire. That’s less average damage, but it targets Constitution instead of Reflex… could be good or bad, based on the monster you fight. It also scales by 1d8 per level, so it scales better than Burning Hands. A legitimately okay early-game option, but really think about if you need this over Burning Hands.


Those are the three spell options! Blade of Disaster is one of the highest damage options that a Wizard can get now, since it lasts up to a minute and has a 15% chance to decimate someone. But, it’s fairly easily countered, being Concentration, so it’s not too strong. Create Magen and Frost Fingers are both… fine? Just a little weak for their level, in my opinion, though a permanent companion is always good.

All three are fine options for any spellbook. So, bring them in from the cold and scribe them down in the candlelight.

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