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create magen 5e

While opinions may vary, I am a fan of Rime of the Frost Maiden. I think that while it needs some balancing an polishing, it is a compelling story and a strong module from Wizards of the Coast. That said, my favorite aspect of any new sourcebook is the addition of player options. Those are limited here, but there are three fun new wizard spells that each have their uses. Arguably the most unique is Create Magen. A Magen is a sort of doppleganger that wizards can create from a lifelike doll. The cost of bringing them to life is steep, but they can serve as powerful allies. Learn all about this interesting spell with our Create Magen 5E Guide.

Create Magen 5E

  • 7th-level transmutation
  • Casting Time: 1 hour
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: V, S, M (a vial of quicksilver worth 500 gp and a life-sized human doll, both of which the spell consumes, and an intricate crystal rod worth at least 1,500 gp that is not consumed)
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • Class: Wizard

While casting the spell, you place a vial of quicksilver in the chest of a life-sized human doll stuffed with ash or dust. You then stitch up the doll and drip your blood on it. At the end of the casting, you tap the doll with a crystal rod, transforming it into a magen clothed in whatever the doll was wearing. The type of magen is chosen by you during the casting of the spell. There are different types of magen, each with unique spells or combat abilities. 

When the magen appears, your hit point maximum decreases by an amount equal to the magen’s challenge rating (minimum reduction of 1). Only a wish spell can undo this reduction to your hit point maximum.

Any magen you create with this spell obeys your commands without question.

Making a Magen

This is as interesting as it gets for a transmutation wizard. While the spell does not make it clear, magen are powerful allies. They come in three types: Demos, Galvan, and Hynos magen. These powerful creatures are essentially an additional party member under your complete control. The three types of Magen include:

  • Hypnos Magen (CR 1). The weakest of the three still have 4d8+16 HP and can dish out psychic damage or cast suggestion at will.
  • Demos Magen (CR 2). Essentially a guard, the Demoas has 6d8+24 HP, is resistant to magic, and can multiattack with swords or crossbows.
  • Galvan Magen (CR 3). the most powerful of the three, the Galvan Magen has 8D8+32 HP, can fly, and has powerful lighting damage attacks.

While these are powerful helpers, the cost of creating them is steep. Not only must you carry a rod worth 1500 gold, you also must expend 500 gp in quicksilver with each casting. The real cost is in HP, though. Your maximum hit points falls by the CR of each magen you create. This drop in HP is permanent and can only be undone through a Wish spell. That’s a steep cost despite how useful an extra ally might be.

Wrapping Up Our Create Magen 5E Guide

That concludes our Create Magen 5E spell breakdown. While this is a very powerful spell option, it is also somewhat costly. Not only will it require an expenditure of gold, you also drain your permanent HP pool with each use. However, this is of little consequence in many high-level campaigns. Given that this is a seventh level spell, high-level campaigns are pretty much where this option belongs in the first place. Ultimately, the cost of this spell is for you to weigh.

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