Hayfever Preview

Hayfever is an upcoming 2d platformer with a clever hook: your character must harness the power of their seasonal allergies in order to complete each level! It’s pretty cute if you ask me. Stick around with Nerds and Scoundrels to get the lowdown in our Hayfever Preview!

Hayfever Preview

Hayfever got its start in 2017 as a game jam submission but has since morphed into a full-on game release. Developed by Pixadome, the game is a pleasant throwback to pixelated games of old and gives off a Kirby-like vibe. The aesthetic is fun and light-hearted, but that doesn’t mean that each level isn’t a challenge.

There are a large number of layers, where you will dodge pollen-launching flowers, cats, and scarecrows during your race to complete each level. After you beat a level, you can also go back and race against your own “ghost” in an attempt to top your best time.

Hayfever has already seen some success on the awards circuit. It won booth space at the Norsken Expo after its success at The Artic Game Pitch. The game also won a spot at Gamescom 2018, and came in third at Big Indie Pitch 2018 at the Sweden Game Conference.


Want more information? Check out Hayfever’s official Site. Want their social media? You can find Pixadome on Twitter as well as Facebook. As of the time of writing, Hayfever is scheduled for a September 2019 release.

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