Is Robbie Daymond Joining Critical Role?

Is Robbie Daymond Joining Critical Role

The third campaign of Critical Role is upon us, and there have been a lot of changes. The gang is back together at the same table once again, albeit in a new (and awesome) set. The biggest change so far has involved the cast. While early speculation was finally answered in Episode 7 about Travis’ new character, there is another new member at the table. Robbie Daymond has been on board since episode one while reprising his role from Exandria Unlimited. But is Robbie Daymond joining Critical Role permanently? We did some sleuthing

Robbie Daymond’s Future with Critical Role

Ultimately, nobody but the team can say if Robbie is in Campaign 3 for the long haul. Initially, he was announced as a guest. However, speculation has grown that he could be sticking around for the full campaign given that plot hooks featuring his background have begun to develop. Episode 7 might have put a damper on that theory.

Episode 7 included the debut of the new intro video, and it has some clues regarding Robbie’s status compared to the other players. You can see that video yourself here.

Notice anything different? Robbie is the only person that is named as “featuring” on the show. In TV land, this suggests he’s not a regular castmember. What’s more, at the end of the video they have a group shot of the full cast and Robbie is nowhere to be seen.

Finally, some have noted that while he is on screen briefly during the character introductions, he is the only one to be in a scene by himself. It wouldn’t be hard to clip that part out once he’s gone.

Conclusion: Is Robbie Daymond Joining Critical Role or Not?

We don’t have a firm answer on that yet. However, reading the tea leaves it seems like (a) he’s not going to be a full-time cast member like the rest of the gang, and (b) he’s probably going to be more involved than previous guests. How do you think he’s fitting in the campaign so far? You can let us known in the comment section.

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