Critical Role: What is the Silken Squall?

silken squall

If you are a fan of Critical Role, you know by now that campaign three is underway. We’ve already had some fun surprises including the reveal of Travis’ new character, and we’re already digging into some lore. On Episode 8, we also got a look into Dorian’s backstory. But we were also left with as many questions as answers. One of the new facts about Dorian that many people were left wondering about was this home: the Silken Squall. Keep reading to learn more about this strange place.

Spoiler Alert: The following includes spoilers for Campaign 3 of Critical Role

The Silken Squall: What is it?

The Silken Squall is a floating, traveling tent city that a society of air genasi call home. The leader of this city are the Wyvernwind family, of which Dorian is a member. In fact, he is the second in line to take over behind his older brother. While the Wyvernwind clan are in charge of the floating city, they hold no formal title or nobility. What the family does have is substantial accumulated wealth and the respect of the other genasi.

The people that call the Silken Squall home have been scattered across Exandria. Up until this point, we have learned little about why so many of the air genasi no longer call the Silken Squall home.

Where is the Silken Squall now?

Like any good floating city, the Silken Squall can travel the skies. That means with enough time it could make its way to virtually any part of Exandria. While the party is unaware of the current location of the flying tent city as of Episode 8, they did receive information where it was located roughly seven months prior. According to Dorian’s brother, the Silken Squall was last located near the Gloomd Jungles of Aeshanadoor.


To date, that is everything we know about the Silken Squall. However, we’ll not only learn more about it in the future but the odds are good the party will travel there eventually. Have any thoughts about this floating city in the clouds? Drop them in our comment section below!

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