The Deborah Cass Prize needs you!

unnamedThanks to you and our other supporters, the Deborah Cass Prize for Writing went national for the first time last year. The Prize expanded to reach writers, including the 2017 winner, Rafeif Ismail, who lives in Perth, and readers across Australia.

Not only have you helped maintain the Prize, you’ve helped it touch the lives of more people than ever before.

But to keep the Prize going, we need your support again. Could you please donate to help the Prize continue?

Your gift by 30th June will go towards a cash prize, mentoring for the 2018 winner, and the costs of administering the award Australia-wide. For the first time, we’re also working towards the introduction of a runners-up prize, in order to recognise the rising number of high-quality entries since we created a national award last year.

Your gift to the Deborah Cass Prize will help support writers from a migrant background develop their voices and be heard more loudly and widely.

People like Rafeif Ismail (born in Sudan – pictured top left), Sivashneel Sanjappa (from a Fijian Indian background – below left) and Jessie Tu (from a Taiwanese background – below right) who were our winner and runners-up respectively in the 2017 Prize.
Last year was everything we hoped the Prize would be. We hope that our emails and events over the past 12 months have kept you up to date with the achievements you’ve helped make possible. But now we need to raise $14,000 to keep this year’s Prize going and all of this must come from our friends in the community, like you.

Please make your tax-deductible donation today, here. By donating to keep the Deborah Cass Prize for Writing going, you’ll be helping to promote diversity in writing and, through that, bringing new voices into the mainstream.

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