Gnome More War Preview

Gnome More War

Gnome More War, the newest release from Hobbi Games, is a tower defense mobile game available on Android devices. The game centers around taking down the pesky gnomes that have shown up to ransack your farm. Stick with Nerds and Scoundrels as we review one of our favorite new mobile releases!

Gnome More War Review

Gnome More War began as a minigame in 2006, before developer Lorie Gutierrez ultimately turned the project into a full-fledged mobile game.

The basic mechanic behind the game is simple: man a winch-pulled cart hanging from your barn and blast the gnomes out of the sky before they can loot your farm. Along the way, you will encounter dozens of power-ups that allow you to customize your offense and defense. What’s more, there are 3 maps included which gives quite a bit of gnome-violence variety.

While the game is complete (and delightful), Hobbi Games hopes to release the game for iOS and increase the number of maps, upgrades, and bosses over time.


Gnome More War is a fun take on the classic tower defense mobile game. With endearing art and well-balanced mechanics, Gnome More War enjoys a high level of replayability. You can pick it up from the Google Play store here.


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