Dragonlance Races 5E: What Are My Options?

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen has arrived. For the first time in years, Wizards of the Coast is returning to the world of Krynn, and things have changed a lot from a player’s perspective. The new book highlights all of the Dragonlance races available in the current edition and even includes the return of the Kender. Strap in to see who you can play as.

New Races in Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen

Dragonlance Races

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen only includes one new playable race: the kender.


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The kender are the only new racial option available in Shadow of the Dragon Queen. If we’re being honest, there is very little new about them. Kender have long been a part of Dragonlance, so this is simply their addition to 5E as opposed to the setting as a whole.

The kender are small creatures that thankfully have full 30 feet of movement. In addition to some additional proficiencies, the highlight of this class is the taunt ability. taunt allows you to make an enemies attacks against anyone but you at disadvantage. This is a strong option for a barbarian who is primed to absorb damage.

Other Confirmed Player Options

Of course, there are other options available outside of the kender. These races are all previously released in 5E, although the come with some reflavoring in some cases. The other playable races include:


Dwarves in Dragonlance are known for their sprawling underground metropolises of old, but they also have a strong connection to those that live above land. There are two subrace options as well: the mountain dwarves that rule the nation of Thorbardin, and the hill dwarves who live above the surface.


Elves are also playable in Dragonlance, and they have the most subrace options available in the setting. You could play as one of the high elves of the Silvanesti or Qualinesti societies. If you are looking for something less settled, you also have the option for the Kagonesti (wood elves) or the sea elves.


Krynn is also home to gnomes. These curious tinkers call the hollow, dormant volcano Mount Nevermind home. In addition to the rock gnomes of Mount Nevermind, you could also play as a forest gnome from any patch of woodland throughout Krynn.


Humans are the largest population block in Dragonlance. This race lives in every corner of Krynn, and they still live among what’s left of Solamnia. You can play as the standard or variant human in this setting.

What About Uncommon Player Races?

If that seems like a small list compared to Forgotten Realms, you are not wrong. However, there are many options open to WOTC should they offer an additional Dragonlance expansion in the future. For starters, there could be playable options available for the races associated with the Dragon Queen, like half-ogres and draconics. It is also possible that races commonly associated with far-flung parts of the world could eventually be made official like the Thanoi (walrusfolk) or even minotaurs. Your DM could always agree to include those options in your campaign. Converting minotaurs is simple. You can rely on the minotaur stats provided in Mythic Odysseys of Theros, if you choose.

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