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In Kerfuffight, the theme of the game boils down to one central idea: smash your friends with weapons. Kerfuffight is a local multiplayer game with three different game modes that can be played across a variety of biomes. The game is currently set to be released in the summer of 2019.

Game Modes

There are three unique game modes in Kerfuffight: Lives, Rounds, and Timer.

In Lives Mode, the fight takes place in a single biome. This mode is a classic free for all where players battle until there is a sole survivor.

Rounds Mode differs from Lives Mode in that each time there is a sole survivor, the survivor is awarded points and a new round starts. The battle continues until one player reaches the chosen number of points. There is another catch though: the biome you fight in changes after each round.

Finally, Timer Mode lasts for a certain amount of time. During the game, you will earn a point for every kill and lose a point each time you die. When the timer runs out, whoever has the most points wins.


There are a number of biomes you can fight in. Each biome can have a major effect on the fight. For example, Chilly Cliffs is icy enough that your movement can be limited. Frightening Fortress doesn’t have any ice, but the quarters are close enough that you have to be ready to brawl. Each biome has other attributes that set them apart, including the rate weapons and charges drop.

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Our Thoughts

This game looks like a lot of fun. Kerfuffight has a whimsical aesthetic which is unique in a game premised on wild brawls. We like more than just the art though; the three game modes and multiple customization options give you plenty of chances for replayability. The sound track is also a major plus; turn up the sound on the Announcement Trailer below to get a taste.

Get Your Plugs In

Want more information on Kerfuffight? Be sure to check out the official site; there are frequent dev blogs that provide updates on the game. Want to discuss the game with other fans? Check out the official Discord. You can also follow the development of the game on social media:

When the game drops, check back with Nerds and Scoundrels for a full review!

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