CK3 Best Duchies Guide

Choosing which buildings to construct in Crusader Kings 3 can often be one of the more important choices in the game. The problem is that you’ve got so much choice here that it can be pretty tricky to weigh all your options. Duchies complicate things further by providing strong bonuses but costing a lot of money. So deciding which Duchy to go for can be tricky. We’ll try and break down the best options in the game here in this CK3 Best Duchies guide.

Each Duchy Has Different Uses

This may seem like quite an obvious point, still, it’s worth reiterating. There’s no one glove that fits all scenarios here, and it’s likely that different situations will benefit from another Duchy. So, for starters, focus on what you need to use the Duchy for and figure out which bonuses it gives you. Some are better for expanding your territory, others are better for defending your land. Ultimately, try and think about which Duchy would suit your kingdom the best.

Best Duchies in Crusader Kings 3

If we were to break down a few of the best Duchies in the game, there are some choices that are definitely worth considering. The first is the Marches, which is a great Duchy for plenty of situations. It suits both an offensive and defensive play and grants bonuses to supply limits and has a large garrison size. All in all, it’s a Duchy that you can’t go wrong with. Though, if you want to dig a bit deeper there are better situational options to choose from.

If you’re struggling in the early game to build your empire, Leisure Palaces are a good choice. These increase Monthly Prestige, and increase the success of both hostile and personal schemes. Leisure Palaces simply make the game a bit less stressful, and that’s literal too since it increases stress loss speed.

If you’re looking to go on full offensive and try to conquer more of the map, then the Military Academies is probably your best bet. This increases your Knight Limit, Effectiveness, and reduces the Army Maintenance. Basically it makes battles much easier by giving you more to work with, while also makes managing the army cheaper. So it’s really the best option for waging war.

Suggested Duchies in CK3

Here are a few strong duchy options to start with in CK3.

  • Thrace
  • Manding
  • Pandya nadu
  • Latium
  • Pagan
  • Avanti
  • Thessalonika
  • Warangal
  • Tosali
  • Soghd

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Conclusion for CK3 Best Duchies

This is a very basic overview of which duchies are the best in Crusader Kings 3. But if you simply want a hand to make sure you’re going in the right direction, these three are the best to start with. Remember, each Duchy is useful in its own way. So make sure you think about how best to use each one in different situations.

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