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Chromatic Dragonborn 5E

The Dragonborn are some of the most potent and powerful creatures in Dungeons & Dragons 5E. And nothing could make them seem this strong than Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons! Within this tome of ancient beings are the Chromatic line of Dragonborn, who bring the elemental potency of dragons to player characters. If you ever wanted a Dragonborn who could breath fireballs and specifically target enemies, you’re not gonna have to look any further! Our Chromatic Dragonborn 5E guide will explain what makes these guys tick!

Chromatic Dragonborn 5E Guide

The Chromatic Dragonborn is a straight upgrade to the current Dragonborn. This is great, because standard Dragonborn (not Draconblood or Ravenite) is rather weak. This option is perfect for versatility and actually has really good damage!

Chromatic Dragonborn Lore

By nature, Chromatic Dragonborn act like standard dragonborn. They have clan structures with strict hierarchies, and act with perfectionist zeal. They are quick to form bonds with strangers that they can trust and eager to prove themselves to those they respect. If you need more information about standard Dragonborn lore, check out our Dragonborn guide.

Chromatic Dragonborn claim the raw elemental damage of the Chromatic dragons. They hail from traditionally evil dragons, who bring the fury of nature to life. Within them is the fury of volcanoes, the biting hail of the arctic, or the poisonous pits of ancient evils.

Chromatic Dragonborn Traits

The Chromatic Dragonborn keep some elements of the Dragonborn, but replace most of it. Don’t worry; the Chromatic Dragonborn features are straight upgrades to the Dragonborn’s. To start, you’ll have to select one of five Ancestry options.

  • Black: Acid
  • Blue: Lightning
  • Green: Poison
  • Red: Fire
  • White: Cold

For the purposes of the Chromatic Dragonborn’s race features, we recommend you choose Red or White dragons.

Chromatic Dragonborn are Medium Humanoids with 30 ft walking speed.

Ability Score Increases

The Chromatic Dragonborn may select to grant a +2 to any statistic, and a +1 to a different one. We recommend using the +2 on either your favored weapon’s statistic, or on your casting stat. The +1 should go to a defensive stat, like Dexterity or Constitution, or any secondary attribute that your class prefers.

Breath Weapon

Your breath weapon replaces an Attack of your Attack action and deals 1d10 damage in a 30 ft line. The damage is the damage of your Chromatic Ancestry, and the DC to avoid it is based on your Constitution modifier. Whenever your Cantrips improve, you gain 1d10 more damage to your breath weapon. You can use it a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus per day. 

This is a gigantic upgrade to the original Breath weapon. It’s much more flexible, deals better damage, and has more uses without spamming Short Rests.

Draconic Resistance

Damage resistance to your Elemental Damage type. This is great, and the main reason why we suggest taking it for Cold or Fire damage. Those two elemental types are more likely to be found for most encounters. Poison is another valid option, but more things will be immune to your Breath Weapon if you go that path.

Chromatic Warding

As an action, 1 minute of damage immunity to your type is freaking amazing. Reducing a Red Dragon’s breath weapon to nothing without spending a spell slot or attunement slot is fantastic. Great racial trait… But only if you’re fighting your Ancestry damage type. Choose wisely!

Wrapping Up The Chromatic Dragonborn

The Chromatic Dragonborn are perfect for players who wish the Dragonborn race was a touch stronger. Even if you choose the standard Strength-Charisma ability score lineup, there is no reason not to try these guys out over the standard Dragonborn. And now, its more important than ever to select the best possible Ancestry!

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