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loxodon 5e

There are quite a number of massive races in Dungeons & Dragons 5E. These races, like the Orc, Half-Orc, Goliath, and Dragonborn, are matched with powerful bodies and massive strength. However, Strength is not the only measure of size. The Loxodons are a race of bipedal elephants with great wisdom and even greater skin toughness. Does this make them a reasonable force to bring to the battlefield? Find out in our Loxodon 5E guide.

Loxodon 5E Lore

As one might expect from humanoid elephants, Loxodons are a peaceful, calm people… Until you scare them. When frightened or angry, they bring the energy of a stampede all within a single 8 ft tall creature. They bring the size and wisdom that is wanted and loved by the guilds of Ravnica, and thus are often sought after as powerful guardians or devout worshippers. 

While they are almost exactly like elephants stood up on their hind legs, their hands do have digits that can grasp weapons. Their thick, leathery skin makes them relatively comfortable in both hot and cold environments, though their sense of touch might be diminished due to it.

The tireless work of Loxodons are well-known to many guilds and nations across Ravnica. They are natural stonesmiths, passing very ancient and potent techniques amongst their children. It’s difficult for them to teach others, since it’s so instinctual. Therefore, all Loxodon are sought after to build fantastic monasteries and arboretums.

However, more important than stonesmithing is their loyalty. Once allied with a community, a Loxodon is likely to serve it for life. They are ruthless to anyone who picks on any member of their social group, understanding that groupmates must look out for one another. These creatures make bonds quickly, and work to preserve their bonds at all costs. They expect similar loyalty from others in their group. Nothing is more terrifying than seeing a Loxodon betrayed by one they considered their friend. This sense of community can be smothering, depending on the friends they make. In Ravnica, the guild’s intentions serve to mold what the Loxodon considers to be their community; Selesnya Loxodons love the world as a whole, Azorius Loxodons love societies of law, and Orzhov Loxodons are for the sake of their guide.

Loxodon names are interesting, due to their trunk. Our Loxodon Name guide will help you choose a perfect one!

Loxodon Attributes

Loxodons, being a Ravnica race, tend to not really have much differentiation between one another. Without DM permission, these are the traits that you’re working with for your Loxodon character.

  • Ability Score Increase: +2 Constitution, +1 Wisdom. A very particular stat block. +2 Constitution is great, boosting your health by quite a bit and influencing a critical saving throw. Wisdom is your offensive stat, and it’s fine. Wisdom improves yet another very important saving throw, and is also great for your skills; your Perception is going to be really good! This is a very passive stat block, which isn’t always the best thing.
  • Medium Size, 30 ft Speed. You are statistically pretty average for a player race… But you are huge. Between 7 and 8 feet, and over 300 lbs. That can change how you interact with things like thin ice or trying to literally crush people. Keep the Loxodon’s massive Medium size in mind!
  • Powerful Build. You get an increase to your carrying capacity, whether you push, pull, drag, or lift. This rarely comes in handy, unless your party really needs to move a ridiculously heavy item out of a dungeon. In that case, you might still not be the best person for the job, depending on how far your Strength gets you.
  • Loxodon Serenity. These two emotion effects are fairly common; Frighten is especially common amongst undead or casters, to keep melee characters out of their face. So, these can be a good thing to have advantage against, just to ensure you’re not in danger.
  • Natural Armor. This is unfortunate. Don’t get me wrong, it’s super cool! The Loxodon base their AC off of the Constitution modifier, rather than your dex, which is unique. However, with a base of 12, you’re going to have trouble ignoring too many hits. This does let you ignore Dexterity if you really want to, though. Just boosting Constitution boosts your chance to dodge! That’s pretty cool! This is redundant with unarmored defense though.
  • Trunk. Very fun. In essence, this is a pretty dang strong Mage Hand, and can even do unarmed strikes. While it can’t handle tasks that require manual precision, this opens up your arms to do other things, since your trunk can handle fighting to a minor extent. Heck, it can hold a torch so that your party can see, while you still wield weapons! That can be huge in certain fights. And the Grapple allowance can lead to some weird build.
  • Keen Smell. Advantage on rather specific but extremely useful skill checks… That’s good! A lot of things can be marked up to smell, as long as you’re at least somewhat close to things. This’ll let your already impressive Perception become absolutely insane! And you’ll be good at investigation, even if you don’t choose to invest in it.
  • Languages. Nothing great here. Loxodon is, surely, a great language. But, you’re out to dry if your campaign isn’t going to have a bunch of elephants all over. Common should be more than sufficient, though! And hopefully, if your Loxodon was allowed, there are other Loxodons elsewhere.

What Class is Best for a Loxodon?

Unsurprisingly, the Loxodon are somewhat forced into two class roles… Which is a legitimate shame, since they have a really cool mechanic going for them!

Good Classes for Loxodons

  • Cleric. Loxodon Clerics are stellar. You will be one of the most durable Cleric options you can possibly be, with absurd Constitution. You’ll still be a good spellcaster with your above-average Wisdom. However, with access to medium and heavy armor, your natural armor will usually not be necessary. That’s a shame, but better AC will keep you alive! Take whatever is best for you. While your stats are great, your utility is questionable; the Keen Smell is strong, Loxodon Serenity is useful, and you can hold a torch with your trunk. That’s worth considering, and you’ll be happy with your Cleric. Maybe have your trunk hold your Holy Symbol! This is a sturdy option even if you forego Natural Armor in favor of your heavy armor proficiency.
  • Druid. Like the Cleric, the Loxodon Druid is stellar. Unlike Cleric, Druids have worse armor, and thus your Natural Armor might become very useful! Add onto that your Constitution bonus and your boost to Wisdom, and you’ve got yourself a force of nature! Druids don’t mind help against mental effects, nor do they mind even better Perception and Survival! Druid is probably the best choice you’ve got for a Loxodon.

Bad Classes for Loxodons

  • Artificer. Artificers are far too reliant on Intelligence for the Loxodon to be a reasonable choice. Combine that with the Artificer’s stellar armor choices, role in the group being outside of their Wisdom skills, and your Trunk not being able to manipulate things… Well, it’s not great.
  • Barbarian. You have the Constitution, so you might think Barbarian is a good idea. However, Barbarians need Strength in order to crush their enemies. You might be able to soak damage for a while, but you need to be able to strike back, hard, or else the enemies will just stack up. Besides, the Loxodon Natural Armor is pointless on a Barbarian.
  • Bard. Charisma is key for a Bard to succeed, and without even Dexterity so you can pretend to shoot a bow, your damage and crowd control will be lacking. Your Natural Armor might be better than Light Armor, but you can get access to Medium if AC is your worry.
  • Fighter. Constitution is nice, but without a physical Attack stat, the Fighter doesn’t do its main goal. So, you’d be doing low damage, not really using your Natural Armor, and your Trunk isn’t even that useful.
  • Monk. Monks without Dexterity are really sad. Admittedly, if you start at level 3, you might be able to make a Monk of the Astral Self work. In that case, Monk is… Okay. However, it’s probably a better idea to go with a durable Cleric instead. Stretching for a low Dexterity Monk might not work out well in the long run.
  • Paladin. Wisdom isn’t too useful for the Paladin class, and you should aspire to be more than a wall of meat on the battlefield. Your Natural Armor goes to waste as well. You can hold your holy symbol in your trunk, that that’s the extent of the Loxodon’s utility on the Paladin (besides a handful of health).
  • Ranger. Constitution and Wisdom is, honestly, not too bad for the Ranger. But once again, your lack of Dexterity and Strength means you’ll fall behind on the damage front. You have Medium Armor, which tends to give you more than your Natural Armor. And your Trunk is legitimately pointless here. At least your Perception and Survival checks would go well!
  • Rogue. You’ll be very tanky, but your light armor will outshine your Natural Armor. You’ll also be less accurate than your standard Rogue build, which isn’t quite optimal. Might be fun for a low-combat campaign, if you want to be an 8 ft tall investigator with a trunk.
  • Sorcerer. Same problem as a Bard. Unlike Bard, Sorcerer doesn’t get any kind of armor, so your Natural Armor might come in handy. However, what would come in handy more is more accurate or harder to save against spells.
  • Warlock. Basically like a Sorcerer, except now your natural armor isn’t even that useful! Melee Warlocks tend to get access to Medium Armor. Besides, Charisma is arguably more important on a Warlock than most Charisma casters. Your bulk and strange utility is not worth your low damage potential.
  • Wizard. Wizard Loxodon benefit from essentially permanent Mage Armor (arguably better, since it’s based on Health!). However, without your Intelligence boost, your spells will lag behind quite a bit. You can make a good Support Cleric, or a good Blaster Druid. Might as well go with something that your Loxodon is good at, right?
Loxodon 5E

Loxodon 5E FAQ

What Gods do Loxodon Worship?

Loxodon hail from the world of Ravnica, which does not have an active pantheon of gods. Because of this, there are no gods in the Forgotten Realms or elsewhere that are linked to this species. Of course, you can have them worship any god you choose in your setting.

What Book are the Loxodon in?

You can find the Loxodon in Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica.

Does Loxodon Add Dex to AC?

It depends on if you are wearing armor or not. using your natural armor, you add your Constitution modifier instead of your dexterity. However, if you are wearing armor you apply your dexterity modifier as needed.

Can a Loxodon Hold a Shield with its Trunk?

A Loxodon cannot hold a shield with its trunk, because a shield is an item that requires manual precision to use.

Conclusion – Our Loxodon 5E Guide

Because of their particular statline and how useful their utility skills are for specific classes, the Loxodon feel almost… designed for Cleric and Druid. That doesn’t mean they’re unplayable elsewhere, but these gentle giants are natural choices for bringing the gods to the battlefield. Try them out for your next Druid!

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