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The Paragon’s Call has played an outsized role in the story of Campaign Three. While General Ratanish has been the face of the group through most of the campaign, in Episode 27 we learned about the existence of Ohotan Thull. While mysterious, all signs indicate her playing a major role in Campaign 3. Keep reading to learn what we know about her.

otohan thull critical role

What We Know About Otohan Thull

Otohan Thull is a human woman with a slight but athletic build. Her graying hear is swept to one side and worn close. She wears a large cloak, with a hood that covers some type of brass, metallic object fixed to her back. This object includes two crystal or glass containers. From the earliest days of the campaign, we were led to believe that General Ratanish was the leader of the Paragon’s Call. However, we learned in Episode 27 that Otohan Thull is the actual leader of the group.

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What is the Apex War?

Otohan Thull is known as a hero of the Apex War. But what is the Apex War? It was a lengthy conflict between the Stratos Throne and the Court of the Lambent Path. the war was brutal and lengthy, with both sides ultimately agreeing to peace after gaining little from the conflict.

Thull was a well-known figure in the war, and returned after it was over to the Hellcatch Valley where she took up leadership of the Paragon’s Call. There is little information available about what occurred between those events.

Is Otohan the Figure from Imogen’s Dreams?

Visions are an important part of Critical Role. In campaign three, the visions in Imogen’s dreams have been featured front and center. Many viewers noticed clear similarities between Otohan and the description Imogen provided to Laudna regarding the appearance of the malevolent figure in her dreams. Unfortunately, a poor perception check failed to reveal this connection to Laudna, so we do not yet know for certain if this is the same individual.

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