Rune Shaper 5e Feat Guide

There are a handful of new character options available in Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants. In addition to a new subclass and some other flavorful options, the book also includes new feats to choose from. We take a look at one of them in our Rune Shaper 5E Guide.

The Rune Shaper Feat for D&D 5E

rune shaper 5e

The RUne Shaper feat comes with two major features, comprehend languages and runic magic. What it means for you as a player is a range of additional spells you can cast without spell slots.

Rune Shaper Requirements

As is the case with many feats, Rune Shaper has a few prerequisites. This feat is limited to characters with the Spellcasting feature – with one important exception. If you have taken the Rune Carver background, you get this feat whether you have the spellcasting feature or not.

Comprehend Languages

The first feature of the Rune Shaper feat is that you gain the use of the comprehend languages spell. Not only can you cast this spell, but you can do so without expending a spell slot.

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Rune Magic

The highlight of this feat is Rune Magic. This is somewhat reminiscent of the Rune Knight fighter, in that you can select different runes that correspond to specific powers. In the case of this feat, you learn certain runes that you can transcribe onto mundane items like weapons or armor. While wearing these objects, you can cast spells associated with each specific rune.

You know a number of runes equal to have your proficiency bonus, rounded down. You can cast the spells associated with the runes you known and have transcribed without using a spell slot. Once you do so, you cannot use the inscribed items for this purpose again until you take a long rest. You can also swap out runes each time you gain a new level. Your spellcasting modifier is either Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma, which you choose when you select this feat.

Rune Spells Table

CloudFog cloud
DeathInflict wounds
DragonChromatic orb
EnemyDisguise self
FireBurning hands
FriendSpeak with animals
FrostArmor of Agathys

Wrapping Up Our Rune Shaper 5E Guide

And that’s it for our look at the Rune Shaper feat. It is a fun and thematic option that offers some additional spellcasting ability – even if you are not a caster. These spells coupled with comprehend languages are nice, but they aren’t going to tip the scales in major battles.

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