Deborah Cass Prize Shortlist 2020

Now in its sixth year, the Deborah Cass Writing Prize is pleased to announce the 2020 shortlist of ten works by writers from a migrant background. In a brief statement, the shortlisting judges said that once again they were moved and impressed by the quality of the stories.

The shortlisted works are (in alphabetical order):

  1. ‘Oluwale, My God Has Come Home’ – Geetha Balakrishnan
  2. ‘In His Father’s Footsteps’ – Pinchas Birnbaum
  3. ‘Threads’ – Johanna Ellersdorfer
  4. ‘Stitching Time’ – Olivia Guntarik
  5. ‘The Gatherer’ – ES Liew
  6. ‘Moroccan Blood’ – Nadia Mahjouri Booker
  7. ‘Birch’ – Dasha Maiorova
  8. ‘I Am Full Of Love’ – Anith Mukherjee
  9. ‘Alone Together’ – Sahib Nazari

According to committee member Daniel Cass, “We’re very pleased with the larger than expected number of entries this year. The shortlisted writers each reveal new dimensions of the migrant experience in Austraila. Many of our previous shortlisted writers have gone ahead to develop successful careers. This is definitely a group of writers to look out for.”

The prize winner and runners up will be determined by our three judges, Melanie Cheng, Lee Kofman and Sisonke Msimang. The winners will be announced at an online event in late November. Details will be available at and @prizecass.

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