Dragonborn Names Guide | Examples and Naming Conventions for 5E

Dragonborn names

The Dragonborn, the most proud race of the Player’s Handbook. These are the descendents of dragons, covered in glorious scales and standing tall and proud. Dragonborn are naturally dissected into clans, kin usually based around their ancestor’s scale color. Thus, their culture is immensely important in determining how they get their name. Check out the best way to learn your character’s name through our Dragonborn Names Guide!

Dragonborn Names 5E Guide

Dragonborn are clan-based creatures. Their family is more important than their life, and they only become adventurers in the harshest of cases. Thus, the lineage of the Dragonborn should be told in their name.

Culture and Naming Conventions

The clan of a Dragonborn comes first, in all cases. They are taught to value the family ties of their clans above anything else. Dishonoring a clan results in exile, and the Dragonborn’s conduct is known and heavily considered before taking most actions.

Because their clan’s eye is constantly on them, Dragonborn strive for excellence. They wish nothing more than to master a specific skill, and may try extreme efforts before giving up. While Dragonborn prefer the respect and aid of other dragonborn, this want to become the best at something is what Dragonborn respect in any race.

Their strive to become the best does not stop them from asking for help… Though it does mean they would rather search for help amongst other dragonborn clans, rather than other races… Or even gods.

Dragonborn found outside of their clans – the Clanless – do not lose this urge to be the best. While they are wanderers, they use their skill to become powerful soldiers or talented adventurers. Other races might scoff at the indifference a Dragonborn levies at races they find lazy or complacent. But, those who work hard will find them fantastic allies and great friends.

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Examples of Dragonborn Names

The clan name is often placed before a Dragonborn’s true name. The clan name is often long and complex – often a combination of the ancestor’s old name, events that occurred in the tribe, or important leaders. Their personal name is given at birth, and is always a basic one-to-two syllable affair. Both male and female names have soft tones. Female names tend towards the earlier parts of the alphabet, while male names stick to the middle.

A fun little part of dragonborn culture are the nicknames they receive as kids. Since Dragonborn are often curious and explorative when young, their parents or clan may give them a nickname. This is an important note of a Dragonborn’s personality; their personal name might not be obvious, but a childhood name of “Earbender” might reveal how talkative they are.

Clan Names

  • Clethtinthiallor
  • Daardendrian
  • Delmirev
  • Drachedandion
  • Fenkenkabradon
  • Kepeshkmolik
  • Kerrhylon
  • Kimbatuul
  • Linxakasendalor
  • Myastan
  • Nemmonis
  • Norixius
  • Ophinshtalajiir
  • Prexijandilin
  • Shestendeliath
  • Turnuroth
  • Verthisathurgiesh
  • Yarjerit

Male Dragonborn Names

  • Arjhan
  • Balasar
  • Bharash
  • Donaar
  • Ghesh
  • Heskan
  • Kriv
  • Medrash
  • Mehen
  • Nadarr
  • Pandjed
  • Patrin
  • Rhogar
  • Shamash
  • Shedinn
  • Tarhun
  • Torinn

Female Dragonborn Names

  • Akra
  • Biri
  • Daar
  • Farideh
  • Harann
  • Havilar
  • Jheri
  • Kava
  • Korinn
  • Mishann
  • Nala
  • Perra
  • Raiann
  • Sora
  • Surina
  • Thava
  • Uadjit

And that wraps up our Dragonborn names guide! If you’re wanting to make a character, then you may want to know how to roll stats, or how much gold you start with.

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