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minotaur names 5E

Minotaurs in 5E had two playable releases; the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica and the Mystic Odysseys of Theros. Unfortunately, Toril’s minotaurs are typically under the demonic influences of Baphomet. If your DM allows you to play in a world where that is not the case, the naming structure of Theros and Ravnica are… fine. There’s a bit of a culture shock between all of the races, but in the Forgotten Realms, Minotaur names follow Ravnica’s structure. We’ll touch on each culture briefly, because Minotaur Names are complex enough to warrant a guide!

Minotaur Names 5E Guide

With how many sources reference Minotaurs, your head might spin a bit. Ravnica and Theros both use minotaurs in pretty different ways, and Toril’s Minotaurs are nearly exclusively enemies. This offers an opportunity, however; you have two (almost three) different lists to pull from! Let’s touch on the cultures briefly and see what names work best for your Minotaur.

Culture and Naming Conventions

Toril’s Minotaurs worship the demonic Baphomet. There are so few Minotaurs that don’t have his cursed blessing, and the stigma of the Minotaurs is nearly unbreakable. A Minotaur in the standard Forgotten Realms world cannot be an adventurer without severe prejudice. Because of this, Minotaur names in the Forgotten Realms are inspired by pseudo-greek Mythology. They don’t have much cultural influences from other places, so their names haven’t changed much.

Ravnica’s Minotaurs are bombastic, huge, and full of life. They absolutely love battle, but are similarly passionate about art, humor, and drama. Ravnica’s Minotaurs are extremely reverent of the past. Their families are built on legends and descendants. They have personal connections to each of their family lines – such huge family trees that last names aren’t necessarily part of their full name anymore.

Theros’s minotaurs are similarly passionate and kind, with a love of battle. However, these Minotaurs are also pious. They worship gods with the same fervor that they laugh at a joke, or launch into a bar fight. Their standard god is Mogis, an evil being that forced most of his loyal Minotaurs into constant war. Unlike the Forgotten Realms, these Minotaurs have legendary heroes that help them integrate into common society.

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Examples of Minotaur Names

Ravnica’s Minotaurs’ reverence of their past directly affects their naming structure. They use names from legendary heroes, keeping their culture and stories alive through their children. Interestingly enough, the names tend to stem from secondary or minor characters, to ensure all legendary characters stay alive.

Theros’s names are also pulled from minotaurs of old. However, some Minotaurs create their own names, hoping their children will become legendary.

Female Minotaur Names

  • Bozzri
  • Cica
  • Dakka
  • Erinimachis
  • Halafoti
  • Mitévra
  • Sokali
  • Tavromiki
  • Vrokya
  • Zarka

Male Minotaur Names

  • Alovnek
  • Dornik
  • Fotiyinos
  • Kalazmir
  • Keranios
  • Nikavros
  • Nirikov
  • Rhordon
  • Svarakov
  • Thyrogog

Hopefully, this Minotaur guide cleared up a bit of what Minotaur culture could be like. Before making a Minotaur, make sure your DM is going to allow Minotaurs in the first place! If they do, Minotaurs make fantastic melee fighters, like… Fighters. They can also work as Clerics or Paladins.

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